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Library of Things FAQ

What is a Library of Things?

A Library of Things is a collection of items such as kitchenware, musical instruments, and games hosted at a library that library patrons can check out with their library card.


Where did the money for Library of Things collections come from?

Funding for the Library of Things comes from the general operating budget of the Bristol Public Library (BPL), as each “Thing” is considered a lending resource.


What benefits to the community does having a Library of Things offer?

A Library of Things supports the Library’s mission of expanding minds and building community by offering our patrons new and popular materials to stimulate imagination, provide new leisure activities and experiences, and promote lifelong learning. These collections will offer new resources for patrons to explore topics of personal interest where money, space, or other issues may hinder a person’s ability to do so.

A Library of Things promotes sustainability by encouraging sharing, the ability to try before you buy, and access to rarely used household items.


Are there age limits on checking out any of the items?

Patrons must be 18 years or older to check out items from the Library of Things.


Can I use the self-checkout?

No. Items will be checked out at the Checkout Desk. Our self-check machines are not set up to scan the various sizes and shapes of these items.


Where do I return my items?

All Library of Things items must be returned to the Check Out Desk of either Bristol Public Library.  Items not returned to the Check Out Desk will result in a $20 fee being added to the patron’s account.


How many items may I check out?

You may check out two (2) items at a time per library card.


How long is the checkout period?

Patrons may check out a Thing for 1 week.  Things may be renewed 1 time for 7 days, unless another patron has a hold on the same Thing.


How long will the item be held for me?

You have seven (7) days to pick the item once you receive a notification that it is ready. You will not receive a reminder that your hold will expire.


Three Library of Things items I put on hold arrived on the same day, but I can only check out two. What should I do?

Choose the items you’d like to check out first. You may check the other item out before its hold expires after returning the first two.


What if I return an item late or damaged?

If a thing reaches 14 days overdue, you will be blocked from placing holds, renewing items and checking out more items until the Thing is returned.


If a Thing is more than 30 days overdue, it is considered lost or converted to your own use, and you will receive a bill to cover the replacement cost plus a $10 processing fee.  If a billed Thing is returned in good condition, the bill will be removed from your record.


May I donate items to the Library of Things Collection?

Thank you for thinking of the library with your donations.  At this time, we are not accepting donations for the Library of Things, but that may change in the future.


May I make suggestions for items that I would like to see in the Library of Things Collection?

Yes! You can email any suggestions to