Art plays an integral role here at the Bristol Public Library.  Our community is rich with artistic talent and the Library is honored to play host to many of these great artists.  From the murals and artwork hanging throughout the Library, to the sculptures located in various places on the Library grounds, we are proud to be home to many great works of art.  Please make a point to come visit the Bristol Public Library and view the many works of art.

Additionally, the Bristol Public Library offers gallery space in the upper level of the Library.  The Bristol Public Library welcomes exhibits and displays of interest, information, and enlightenment to the community.

The Library will seek to present exhibits that

  • are drawn from the library’s collection or highlight an aspect of it;
  • focus on matters related to the Bristol, VA, or the Bristol, TN, area;
  • are the product of local artists or artisans;
  • provide the Library the opportunity to display works of significant artistic or educational merit.

To apply to display your work in the Virgie R. Fleenor Art Gallery, please read the Gallery Submissions Procedure and fill out the application found here.