The library has 3 study rooms. These rooms are available for use by the public and are intended for use by individuals or small groups involved in studying, group projects, and/or meetings.

These rooms are available on a first come, first served basis if they are empty. The rooms may be reserved in advance at the Reference desk or by calling 276-645-8781. If the party has not appeared or given notice fifteen minutes after the time reserved, the room will be released to the next in line.

People reserving the room in advance may reserve the space for no more than two (2) hours per day and no more than two (2) days per week. Without a reservation, the rooms may be used for two hours or less by an individual or group. At the end of the two hour period, if the room has not been requested by another group, the time may be extended for no more than one additional hour.

The Blue Stocking Club Reading Room
(6 Capacity)

The William C. Burris Study Room
(8 Capacity)

The Cardiovascular Associates Reading Room
(6 Capacity)