Bristol Public Library Strategic Plan 2023-2028


 The Focus of our Strategic Plan is to provide access to information, to foster and inspire creativity, and to provide an enriching experience to our community.  As our demographics change and our community evolves, we recognize the necessity to provide diversity in access and materials to meet our population’s needs. We seek to do this in the following ways:

Community: Linking Minds to Knowledge and Experience
The Bristol Public Library serves as a bridge, connecting patrons to essential resources. It offers job-finding assistance, digital literacy programs, personalized in-person tutoring, and Makerspace facilities. The library acts as a nexus for nurturing partnerships within the local community, bolstering connections with organizations such as Rotary, the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, and local public schools. With an emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility, our staff seeks to provide our community with information in preferred formats, a welcoming atmosphere, and opportunities to learn. Barrier-free access is paramount; our adherence to ADA compliance, transition to a Fine-Free Library in 2022, and multilingual collections ensure that resources are readily available.

Culture: Fostering Creativity and Heritage
Collaboration with local organizations and artists is a cornerstone of our cultural outreach, exemplified by initiatives such as Radio Bristol Book Club and the promotion of local artists in the Virginia Fleenor Art Gallery through our local partnerships. Genealogy workshops, classes, and local history vertical file resources enhance our strong commitment to conserving and promoting local heritage.

Customer Experience: Welcoming and Enriching
Our onsite full-time security helps to provide safety and security while staff’s continuing education including the annual Title VI certification helps to provide a welcoming environment.  We are committed to enhancing customer experiences, offering exemplary resources to our highly trained librarians and staff, and seamless access to a wide range of materials. Our transformative technologies, such as multiple 3D printing stations, a Glowforge laser cutter, and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, ensure our patrons can explore and create.

Core Operations: Seamless Access and Lifelong Learning
To facilitate seamless access to online resources, we now circulate hotspots.  We are increasing our digital access with newspapers, including the Bristol Herald Courier and magazines.  Our commitment to lifelong learning is evident through job search support, weekly GED classes, and the provision of various educational resources. We curate a diverse and relevant collection that addresses community needs, embracing patron requests and expanding our Library of Things (LoT) to include unconventional items like board games, power washers, and metal detectors.

Empower and Create: Fostering Empowerment and Personal Growth
The Homer and Ida Jones Creative Arts, Technology, and Workforce Development Center is our hub for empowerment and creativity. It not only provides a makerspace for hands-on projects but also provides patrons with information for informed decisions and career mobility. The library supports personal growth through digital literacy workshops and self-help resources, which nurture intellectual engagement and community dialogue with diverse programs.

In summary, our library stands as a beacon of knowledge, inclusivity, and creativity. By connecting minds, embracing partnerships, fostering culture, and prioritizing customer experiences, our library informs, enriches, empowers, and creates opportunities for all.