Adult Education

The Mount Rogers Regional Adult Education provides free services for Adult Basic Education, including GED test preparation and NEDP.  Free classes are held at various places in the area, including the Bristol Public Library. Times are subject to change.  For more information, call 800-322-7748, visit the website or email

GED classes are provided at the Bristol Public Library: Monday 1-4 pm, Tuesday 4:30-7:30 pm, Wednesday 10 am- 4 pm, Thursday 10 am-1 pm and 4:30 pm-7:30 pm

Located on the upper floor of the Bristol Public Library, the Homer and Ida Jones Creativity Center provides computer classes, one-on-one computer help, 3-D printing, adult coloring, and more.  They also offer the Tennessee Boating Safety Exam.  Test Proctoring is usually available. Expressive outlets such as crochet and creative writing classes are offered periodically.  The staff is able to help with resume and cover letter writing, job applications, housing applications, and more. Contact the Jones Creativity Center at 276-645-8790 for more information.

Online Education

Universal Class

Over 500 classes, many offering CEUs, and over 100 video-audit classes

Transparent Language Online

Builds all four core skills of a language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
100+ languages to choose from
Transparent Language Online Available Languages
English lessons for speakers of over 25 different languages
KidSpeak has kid-friendly lessons and interface in 6 languages
Mobile apps are available
Save progress on lessons completed

Testing & Education Reference Center

TERC includes Test prep, College planning, Financial aid tools, Career development and International tools