Children’s Mural

On November 20th, 2008, The Bristol Public Library Children’s Mural was unveiled to a crowd of board members and constituents of the Tri-Cities area. The “Cultural Narrative Mural”, completed by artist D.R. Mullins, is split into international panels, focusing on the major continents of the world such as Appalachian America, Europe, Latin America, Australia, Middle East, Africa, East Asia and the Arctic. “The Bristol Public Library Foundation is pleased to fund such projects for the library” says Bristol Public Library Foundation Executive Director Anita Machado.

As Library Director Jud Barry states “This addition to the Bristol Public Library Children’s Library captures the eye of anyone, young or old”. Iconic images were selected to maintain a literary narrative of quality that was informative and educational as well as visually engaging. Music is used as the central theme for Appalachian America. Mullins believes that through music, the community can communicate and share stories of the past, while providing a strong sense of history that helps shape the future. This is all set in a landscape of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains bringing together our rural and urban centers that are representative of this area.

Other landmarks noted are the Ibn Tulun mosque of the Middle East, Mt. Fuji in East Asia and Machu Picchu in South America. By looking at the vibrant scenes, you are able to find something new and identifiable each time you view the art. Mullins says, “I hope the mural will stimulate a child’s imagination & creativity, but most of all leave them happy & inspired.”

For a better look, you are encouraged to stop by the Bristol Public Library Children’s Department to see this work of art in full scale!

Children’s Mural Brochure