Library Board


  • Don Ashley – President
  • Vacant  – Vice President
  • Ted Black, Jr. – Secretary
  • Anne Rife – Treasurer
  • Michael Pollard – VA Council Representative
  • Margaret Feierabend – TN Council Representative
  • Jennifer Breuer – HRRL Representative
  • Tonia Kestner – Executive Director
  • Steven Gobble
  • Barry Hopper
  • Liesa Jenkins
  • Danny Peterson
  • John Sanslow
  • Alex Akard – TN Student Representative
  • Kaeleen Robinson – VA Student Representative

The Library maintains a publicly-accessible site for the display and storage of numerous Board-approved or Board-reviewed documents, such as bylaws, standing rules, budgets, etc.

Appointments and Meetings

The regular term of office for Trustees shall be three years, with a maximum of two consecutive full terms.

The Board presently meets the third Thursday of each month at 4:00 pm. Members are expected to attend all meetings unless prevented by a valid reason. Additional Board meetings and committee meetings are scheduled when necessary.

Responsibilities of Board Trustees

The Board determines the policies, plans, and services of the Library. This includes bylaws, service policies, mission statement and long-range plans.

The Board employs a qualified Library Director and conducts annual appraisals of his/her performance.

The Library Board approves the annual budget and secures adequate funding for the operation of the Library and its programs. Review of income and expenditures are conducted monthly by the Board.

Board members are expected to become familiar with local, state, and federal library laws, and are encouraged to attend regional, state, and national trustee meetings and workshops.

Board members cooperate with other public officials and Boards, and maintain good public relations, as they represent the Library to the community and the community to the Library.

All members are expected to serve on at least one subcommittee of the Board.


Library Board of Trustee Officers


Don Ashley, Bristol Public Library Board of Trustees Chair

Don Ashley, Board of Trustees President

Ted Black Jr., Bristol Public Library Board of Trustees Secretary

Ted Black Jr., Board of Trustees Secretary

Crystal Peak, Library Board of Trustees Vice President

Anne Rife, Board of Trustees Treasurer


Qualifications of Library Board Trustees*

The board should represent a broad spectrum of community interests, occupations, and geographic areas. Such diversity assures that the library will serve the total community. It may not be possible to represent all the divergent interest of the service area on the board at the same time, but over a period of years the representation should rotate to include as many segments of the population as possible.

Competencies necessary to fulfill board duties should also be present in the overall composition of the board. Collectively, the board should strive to have:

  • Rapport with the entire community
  • Occupational diversity
  • Political acumen and influence
  • Business management/financial experience
  • Legal knowledge
  • Diversity in age, race, and sex
  • Varied personal backgrounds


Effective trustees are citizens who have:

  • Interest in the library and the community
  • Time to devote to board responsibilities
  • Awareness of the library’s role in the community as a center of information, culture, recreation, and lifelong learning
  • Knowledge of the community and its diversity
  • Ability to think and plan creatively, to question objectively, and to carry out plans effectively
  • Skill in establishing policies for effective and efficient operation of the library
  • Sound judgment, a sense of fiscal responsibility, and political awareness
  • Willingness to represent the library at meetings and public functions, good communication skills, and the ability to relate to the public
  • Interest in working with local, state, and national library leaders and trustees to improve library service on all levels.

*from the Virginia Public Library Trustee Handbook by Ida R. Patton, Third Edition, revised 2005.